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Stuff your speech,

Shiny wrapper and all,

Into your own mouth

And chew until your teeth

Gleam with the shreds,

Spread your options

As thin as the ones you’ve

Laid out,

Ball them up and

See if,

Squeezed between your fingers,

They relieve any stress.


Word water balloons

At an art gallery,

You force passions

To mix and wrestle

Their liquid wills.

Your bullets burst,

Stain, and slide down

Glorified fruit,

Landscapes, and skin.

They are

Your tears

As you fend

For yourself.

The advice

You splatter paint

In my direction

Sits like graffiti

On a gravestone,

A testament to

A misplaced





words like marbles

multiply, fill up his cheeks

until red-faced,

he swallows one

and realizes

his mistake.