dirt on the welcome mat

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Muddy shoestrings

And faded stamp collections

Drag sepia paths

Of adventure

All the way home

To mothers with 

Perfected recipes

And laundry trails

Of love.

Let’s set sail

In a paper boat

Made with love notes

So we can laugh at

Scribbled secrets

And badly rhyming lines

Of silly sentimentality

As we drift along,

Making faces

In the watery mirror

Below our ship

And smiling straight

Into the sun.

With a resounding ding

At every stop,

Buttons light up,

Arrows point to the top

Of this carnival ride

That’s open every day

In office buildings

Dressed in gray,

Just like its

Inhabiting businessmen

Who daily tote a black

Briefcase burden

That anchors them solidly

To the concrete ground

Until the elevator rises

With a magical sound.