To Allan_Wrench and HotBod,
To Auto-Sales and *Discount Tools,
Sorry to make this message generic,
But you understand the inbox rules-
And if you forgot, no worries, I’ll FWD them. Twice.

I really like that thing that you said
In that site on the internet-
I found it on Google, and yes,
Your blog is set on mine as a favorite
So I visit every second I breathe.

We have so much in common,
I can’t believe we haven’t met before-
I love emoticons too,
Especially three or more
In a row, like this: Winking smileSmileSmile with tongue outOpen-mouthed smile.

I know exactly what you mean
When you send me those,
And your incomplete sentences
Poetic are like beautiful flows-
Inspiring, I read often.