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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Powerful as the new day,

The past lingers

On pungent breath.

Intense as last week’s

Coffee spill,

Memory lapses keep staining,

Polluting the gray office air.

Never a clean break,

Awake, asleep,

Every sunrise with its shadows.

The bell holds its breath

As a steel sphere swings

Toward its swollen belly.

Bruising the air black

Beneath the curved armor,

It pounds metal on metal,

Clanking like a locomotive,

Like a blacksmith’s tools,

Where are the sparks?

This Saccharin competition,
       Wrapped in sunny gold foil
                      And oozing chocolate, 
                             sends you searching in circles
                                    Until hunched over,
                                      On big swollen bunny feet,
                                          You decide your empty basket
                                                                               Is half-full.

Every spring

You grasp

Green dreams

By the fistful,

And I paint my blue ones

On ten toenails

Released from winter shoes.

We’re so silly,

You and I,

Covering ourselves

With last election’s bumper stickers

And next year’s fashions,

Knowing that hope’s colors


Fade into invisibility.

You shoot me a look in

Chinese calligraphy,

Insanity in perfect script.

Pupils dilate into


Dark ink strokes,

Flashing like

A samurai’s sword,

My rough

Fortune cookie translation

Just might be


We were
All toes yesterday.
Busy schedules and deadlines
Squished us together
In a pair of
Too-tight tennis shoes,
Covering us in
A hot layer
Of sweat and stress,
Each hunched over
By the common bond
Of forward movement and littleness,
Of chipped nail polish
And blisters.


Like a bride’s train

Like a train’s smoke

Trailing softly

With foggy footsteps,

The toilet paper square

Escaped its

Odorous home,

Guided, unknowing, by

A shuffling

Rubber shoe sole.